AGA Promotes Responsible Gaming: ‘Know the Odds’

Many people lose precious amounts of hard earned money because they don’t know how to bet in a smart way. Responsible gaming is the need of the hour. The American Gaming Association is promoting education on responsible gaming and has dedicated a week in August to reach customers, casino players and the public.

‘Know the odds’, as the AGA puts it, is an event devoted to efforts put in to encourage people to follow responsible gambling and will be held from August 1 to August 5.

All casino operators including the International Game Technology are helping the AGA to support the cause and chip in on the efforts made by the AGA. IGT is a leading name in the world of game design, advancements and manufacturing of game machines, mobile and online gaming. Patti Hart, CEO of IGT believes that Responsible Gaming Education week is important and educating masses shows their commitment and responsibility towards the AGA and healthy gambling.

The main goal of this event is to educate players to understand the game, house strategies, odds and knowing when to set limits. The AGA and IGT have also released a detailed brochure that enlightens the readers on probabilities, strategies and other essential aspects of any game to help them make informed choices in the future and play responsibly.

The week long event will put special emphasis on educating people on the workings of the games and help them make smarter choices in the future. The program will also cover understanding the meaning of odds and strategies in casino games that are usually tailored to favor the house. So make sure to attend this event and educate yourself on responsible gambling.

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