Internet gambling subject taken up by a new book

The latest study on global internet gambling industry has been highly appreciated by specialists.

Dr. Andrew Cooper has released a new book concerning the stigmatization of Internet gambling, highlighting the negative view of some entities in the US and the recent efforts that this country has made to put a stop to Internet gambling. The book also offers a political, economic and legal perspective with wider vision, of this topic.

The latest researches appoint that the online gaming industry is worth about $335 billion and the offshore internet gambling is constantly increasing its share to this profitable market. Dr. Andrew Cooper’s new book, titled Internet Gambling Offshore: Caribbean Struggles over Casino Capitalism has earned the place of the first important major study concerning internet gambling, looked at as a component of the world economy. Online gambling will not vanish, despite all the efforts that the US government has made to legally stop it. The new leaders in the industry are struggling to help it through political ways.

Cooper focuses very much on the approach of Antigua and appreciates its development of innovative and entrepreneurial internet gambling economy. The book brings forward political, diplomatic and legal challenges of a forth coming international economy, suggestively covered by the metaphor of Casino Capitalism, brought by Susan Strange. The CIGI Chair in International Political Economy at the Balsillie School of International Affairs, Eric Helleiner, also Professor of Political Science at the University of Waterloo in Canada, has made a forward in Cooper’s book. this way he states that the analysis offers an interesting story consisting of many lessons that students of International Political Economy could use. Furthermore, he added that Susan Strange herself would have appreciated it.

According to Professor of International Political Economy, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, Ronen Palan, Cooper’s study on the global internet gambling industry catches the complexity and essentials of the present international politics, where morality, regulatory and material interests collide and come across.

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