Online slot from Microgaming at Virgin Online Casino

The latest game from Microgaming to go live at Virgin Casino is called Germinator. This game has been released last year as a bingo game on the Flash platform and it is not available in the download version. Now, the QuickFire platform has picked up the game and it is offering it at Virgin Casino.

The reels at the game consist of a by 6 matrix, forming 12 paylines which are all enabled. There must be a 1 coin wager on a payline, ranging from £0.05 to £2.00. Symbols are germs, each with its own multiplier value, from 0.2 to 10.

The germs randomly appear on the paylines when the game starts. Three or more like symbols on a payline generate payout. The payout of a chain results from the number of germs and their associated value. If there are more chains, they pay out separately.

Germinator has two attracting features. After the first payouts, the symbols in the combination explode and leave place for other symbols. If those other symbols form a winning combination, then additional payouts are offered. The process repeats until there are no winning combinations left.

The second feature is the Medi bonus game. The game is activated by three or more Capsule symbols on the grid, at the end of the game.  Players must choose a germ symbol by clicking it, which will remove all symbols of that strain from the grid, leaving place for other symbols just like in the first feature. This way, players can earn more payouts.

Players must choose carefully which germ to eliminate. If they eliminate the low value germs, then they can win big with the high value symbols.

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