Outstanding affiliate program offered by HerculesPoker

HerculesPoker is launching the best affiliate program in the online gaming industry.

The well-known online casino, is announcing the launch of its affiliate program. It is the most bountiful affiliate program ever, offering 50% of the revenues to the affiliates. It is more than the industry standard. If the affiliate appoints another person, then there is the possibility of earning a 5% sub-commission.

The commissions can be earn through the banner ads, bonus codes, a downloadable game client and others. Affiliates can make use of mass email communication tools and personalized marketing products for better results of the promotional activity. The casino created a very efficient cookie-storing tool that provides a more accurate tracking possibility of the commissions. This way an affiliate will still be credited if his banner gets clicked-on by a user, but the user closes the browser and doesn’t even play the game.

The affiliate who earns more than $10,000 monthly in rake, have the opportunity to become licensee in the HerculesPoker casino software. This gives him the opportunity to set up his own Hercules Poker Card room. HerculesPoker offers other attracting ways of making money, such as HerculesPoker’s Freeroll Jaskpot’s promotion. With this promotion it is very easy to recruit players and affiliates can earn more money, even if the players didn’t make a deposit. HerculesPoker’s Freeroll attempts to have the highest number of freerolls, from all the poker rooms available on the Internet. For this purpose, the promotion starts twice a day, at $15.

Most people in the affiliate program are aged between 18 and 35, but this does not mean that HerculesPoker online casino has entailed a certain age limit for its affiliates. Affiliates of all ages are welcome to join the program. The monthly income for the affiliates is pretty high, reaching up to even US$57,800 and the work program usually counts less than 30 hours per week.


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