Online Gambling Law In South Africa May Change In The Near Future

It has been a year since online gambling was made illegal in South Africa by the North Gauteng High Court.  For years it had been debated as to whether or not gambling should be deemed legal for South Africans who gamble on casino sites that are not hosted in South Africa, but it was finally decreed illegal when it was decided that the actual act of gambling occurs not at the location of the internet casino’s server but at the player’s computer.

However, despite this ruling, Casino Enterprises (owners of Piggs Peak Online Casino), intends to appeal the South African gambling law soon.  Due to the fact that laws regarding internet gambling have been a subject of debate for a long time, as the South African government has struggled to find a suitable group for online gaming that is both profitable and politically correct, there is a chance that the appeal may hold in court.

That said, Piggs Peak has stated that if they lose their appeal, they will have no other choice but to stop taking wagers from their South African players and will provide these players with adequate advance notice, so they can take care of their accounts and cash in all of the balances that are owed to them should this occur.

Nevertheless, regardless of what may result, the reality is that changes to South Africa’s gambling law will not occur over night as the government needs to carefully determine what will be most beneficial to its economy.

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