Man from Colorado Proves Christmas is a Time for Good Deeds

Christmas is often a time for doing good deeds and Mitch Gilbert from Colorado has proven this fact by returning the $10,000 casino prize money he found at the Las Vegas airport to its rightful owner.

According to Gilbert, when he was at the LV airport headed home, he found two envelopes that were unmarked from Creasers Palace.   When he opened them he discovered $5,000 in each.  Although he admits it would have been much easier to simply keep the money, he wanted to set a good example for his children and also knew that had he been the person who lost the money, he would hope to have it returned to him.

After a long battle with the airport authorities, Gilbert finally learned that the owner of the casino winnings was a man from Texas called Ignacio Marques.  He arranged to have the $10,000 returned to the very touched and thankful Marques prior to Christmas, and transferred it directly into his bank account.

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