Caesars Entertainment to Construct Non-Gaming Hotels

The gambling industry in the US has been substantially affected by the economic crisis that well-known gaming companies have started to diversify their interests elsewhere for additional profit. Caesars Entertainment has become the newest gaming group this week to modify their belief regarding their brand names. Caesars Entertainment officials have consented to permit gaming developers to create non-gambling hotels in different parts of the world. The hotels would bear the name of the some of the most popular gaming brands of Caesars Entertainment like Flamingo and Caesars. The objective of the organization is to offer five-star hotel facilities in Europe, Asia and even in some locations in the US. Caesars enjoys instant name recognition that will help make the hotels well-known. But the services that will be offered by the hotels will decide on whether Caesars has fulfilled its goal of offering one-of-a kind hotels in other countries. Caesars Global Life will be the organization that has been founded to help create the facilities. With interest in casino gaming reaching unprecedented heights all over the world, a lot of gambling analysts believe that this is just another option for Caesars Entertainment to be ready as the gambling industry not only in the US but all over the world. Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz said that this decision will give Caesars the privilege to experience the best of both markets. Schwartz said that to be able to produce earnings from a non-gambling hotel establishment that will lure high-end customers and will also be in a good place to expand to include gaming should the chance come up in the near future. According to Alexander Mirza, the target locations for the hotel facilities will be the biggest in the world. Mirza is the person picked to lead the development of new organization. Caesars officials also announced that they will be improving their Caesars Palace facility in Las Vegas, Nevada by building a Nobu restaurant and hotel.


07/31/2011, Sunday

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