Casino Sticky Bonus Lets You Win and Worry Less about Losing

You may have heard of a casino sticky bonus and wondered what that means.  This sort of bonus is fairly simple to understand and can be quite rewarding to you, depending on the type of player you are and how frequently you gamble online.

A sticky bonus casino is one that provides cash bonuses that are deposited into your account, but can never be withdrawn.  In other words, while you can use this free bonus money to make real money bets, you are not permitted to withdraw it from your account with the winnings you accumulate.  As the name implies, this bonus remains stuck in your account.  That's why it's known as a sticky bonus.

If you can't withdraw it, you may be wondering how sticky bonus casinos can benefit you.  There are several ways that these special promotions can be rewarding.  For instance, an online casino sticky bonus tends to have lower wagering requirements compared to non-sticky bonuses.  Therefore, instead of having to wager 20 or 30 times before cashing out your winnings, you may only have to wager 5 times.

Another great advantage to the casino sticky bonus is that it is often big.  With these bonuses you may receive hundreds or even thousands of dollars from the casino, depending on the type of reward being offered.  While you won't be able to enjoy this money outside of the online casino, it does give you the opportunity to play more games for longer, which can increase your chances of winning.

In addition, another sticky bonus casino benefit that players like is they have more money to wager on games they wouldn't usually play because they are risking less of their own personal funds.  Therefore, if you're a regular on line casino player, this style of bonus can really broaden your gambling experience and make the entertainment you enjoy all the more exciting.

Use online casino sticky bonus and give your initial deposit a boost.

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