The Types of Martingale Systems

The Martingale System is one of more well-known betting strategies that gamblers can use in their games. Two variations of the standard Martingale System have sprung up in the hope of minimizing the disadvantages of this classic betting strategy. These are the Limited Martingale System and the Modified Martingale System.

Players can recoup all their previous losses with a single win - a feature that can entice any gambler to use this betting system. Another reason why the Martingale System is popular with gamblers everywhere is the simplicity of its method. Players just have to keep on doubling their bets after every loss.

In the first game, a player will risk one unit of bet. If the game is lost, the player increases the original bet to 2 units. Given that the player still loses consecutively, the bet in the 3rd losing round will again be doubled to 4 units, then 8 units in the next round. The doubling up continues until the player wins. Thus, the bets are increased in this manner: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 34, 64 and so forth.

In the Modified Martingale System, however, the betting sequence slightly differs: 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63, etc. Instead of simply doubling up the previous bet, in this strategy the bet is doubled, then one unit of bet is added. The total will again be doubled plus 1 unit of bet in the next losing round, and so on.

Both the classic and the modified versions of the Martingale System require a huge amount of capital, so players opting to use these have to have their financial resources ready. However, players who are uneasy about the ballooning of bets after continuous doubling can opt for the Limited Martingale System. As its name suggests, players using this method quit doubling the bet after 3 or 4 consecutive losses so the capital needed and the bets risked won't be as much compared with the other two strategies.

The risk in using the Limited Martingale System is that it puts more pressure on the player to win immediately, or risk losing the chance to recover previous losses for good. But if a gambler is observant and patient enough to know who are the players with winning or losing streaks, then one can bet with less risk.

Having three types of Martingale Systems offer a player more options during play. However, like any other betting strategy, the Martingale System and its variations have advantages and disadvantages a gambler has to all consider before deciding on what betting strategy to use.

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